Delia’s March Menu 2017
Black Bean Soup with Black Bean Salsa 
This soup is top-drawer. The puréed beans have a smooth velvety texture, flavoured with bacon, and the combination of hot soup and cold salsa is delightful. 
Smooth Chicken Liver Pâté with Cognac, and a Sweet-and-Sour Red Onion Salad 
Pure, sautéed chicken livers blended with mace and butter, laced with Cognac and just a hint of thyme. Served with sautéed red onions with a wholegrain mustard dressing. 
Russian Eggs,  
served with Sliced Cornichon, Olives and Anchovies  
(which can be excluded if you prefer)(v) 
Fashionably named ‘Oeuf a la Russe’, these are boiled free-range eggs dressed with authentic handmade mayonnaise with a touch of garlic 
Thai Fishcakes with Sesame and Lime Dipping Sauce 
As fishcakes go the Thai version always wins the prize. Not searingly hot 
but definitely spicy, then cooled in the dipping sauce. 
Broccoli Soufflé with Three Cheeses (v) 
The cheeses in this light soufflé are mature cheddar, Gruyere and vegetarian style Parmesan and it’s served with buttery foaming Hollandaise sauce. The soufflé is whisked, gently folded and baked to order so there is a wait, but we hope it’s worthwhile. 

Grilled Sea Bass with Coriander and Lime Salsa Verde 
served with Pink Fir Apple Potatoes with Butter and Chives and Tender-stem Broccoli. This salsa Verdi is rather different as it’s made with chopped coriander leaves and 
lime juice, lime zest, capers and finely chopped anchovies. 
Char-grilled Entrecote Steak with Mexican Tomato Salsa 
We serve this well charred on the outside and how you like it within. 
With our own hand cut chunky chips and a crisp green salad. 
Fast-roast Fillet of Pork with Rosemary and Caramelised Apples  
served with Pink Fir Apple Potatoes with Butter and Chives and Tender-stem Broccoli. Pork tenderloin, studded with slivers of garlic and roasted with wedges of green apple, onion and fresh rosemary. The sauce is made with vintage cider and crème fra?ché. 
Thai Green Curry  
with Prawns, Jasmine Rice and Cucumber, Pineapple, Red Onion, Coriander and Mint Salad We make our own green curry paste, it’s the real authentic deal so be prepared for some heat! Then the fragrant rice and the salad give it some cool. 

Wild Mushroom Tart with Poached Eggs and Foaming Hollandaise Sauce (v) 
served with Pink Fir Apple Potatoes with Butter and Chives and a Mixed Green Salad. 
This is a crisp cheese pastry base filled with a concentrated mushroom filling topped with lightly poached free-range eggs and served with foaming hollandaise sauce. 

Passion Fruit Brûlée 
Same as the classic version with the crunchy caramel topping but here we’ve added passion fruit to the thick creamy custard. 
Exotic Fruit Salad in Planters Punch 
Every tropical fruit you can think of, then brown sugar syrup flavoured with Dark Rum, lime juice and cinnamon and served with a grating of nutmeg. 
Warm Four-Nut Chocolate Brownie 
With Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 
In my new Cake Book we have moved the brownie blueprint up a notch 
and these really are the best ever. 
Classic Rich Bread and Butter Pudding with Chilled Pouring Cream 
The classic version with a nutmeg crust and wobbly underneath. 
Tymsboro from Neal’s Yard Dairy  
served with Black Grapes and Homemade Raisin and Walnut Bread 
An unpasteurised goats’ milk cheese made by Mary Holbrook at Sleight Farm in Somerset using traditional rennet. Tymsboro is silky-smooth, lemony and nutty. 

Coffee and Something Sweet 
All dishes are subject to change 
£35.75 per Person 
Includes nibbles on arrival, 3 courses, filter coffee and something sweet 
Friday and Saturday Evenings from 7pm